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Planning Services are responsible for  all matters relating to urban and regional planning, including land use structure planning, rezoning of land, subdivision of land, built form and urban design within the Shire. Planning Services staff are available to provide advice to the public, ratepayers, builders and developers on development provisions within the Shire, how to submit planning applications and the planning process.


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Planning Applications

The Planning Approval process helps to guide development and land use throughout the Shire of Esperance.

Development Guidelines & Studies

Tiny Houses on Wheels 

Local Planning Scheme and Local Planning Strategy

All development in the Shire of Esperance is guided by the Local Planning Scheme and the Local Planning Strategy.

Structure Plans

There are a number of Structure Plans that guide development within the Shire of Esperance.

Planning Policies

In conjunction with the Local Planning Scheme and Local Planning Strategy, Local Planning Policies are often used to guide certain forms of development.

Local Heritage Survey

Love local history? Then settle in for a thrilling read!

Local Development Plans

What is a Local Development Plan?