Out of the Box Volunteering

The ‘Out of the Box Volunteering’ Project at the Esperance Volunteer Resource Centre (EVRC) is a collaborative initiative between four Volunteer Centres including:

  • Peel Volunteer Resource Centre Inc 
  • Volunteer South West Inc
  • Albany & Regional Volunteer Service Inc 
  • Esperance Volunteer Resource Centre 

Volunteer involvement is an essential part of most organisations and yet it can be difficult to recruit and retain volunteers. This project combines our expertise and resources to revolutionise the way we understand and engage in volunteering.  The Out of the Box Volunteering Project has been funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. The project aims to educate, equip and support regional non-profits to expand their current volunteering opportunities to increase connection with potential volunteers they may not currently be engaging with. 

We are specifically focused on increasing volunteering opportunities for:

  • Young people aged 12-18 years
  • People with disability and/or mental health issues
  • Vulnerable women
  • People who are unemployed
  • First nations people
  • Newly arrived migrants
  • People seeking a tree/sea change
  • Transient Workers

Through this project, the EVRC is exploring new ways to encourage volunteer engagement by identifying current challenges and brainstorming potential solutions. Our goal is to increase the chances of success for Volunteer Involving Organisations with finding new volunteers and keeping them engaged.

Good Will Globetrotters

The 'Goodwill Globetrotters' Project at the Esperance Volunteer Resource Centre (EVRC) includes working intensively with Volunteer-Involving Organisations (VIO’s) in Esperance and surrounding areas to design and implement flexible, short-term volunteer opportunities suitable for the transient tourist population and time-poor locals looking for community engagement.

The project introduces a new approach to volunteering in Esperance by providing strategies and guidance to local VIO's to assist them with developing short-term and one-off commitment volunteering opportunities that will appeal to travelers and time-poor locals.

Project activities include:

  • Reshaping how VIO's structure their volunteer programs to be more flexible, with short-term and one-off opportunities;
  • Tackling barriers present in existing on-boarding processes and seeking to minimise the effort from both VIO's and volunteers when it comes to short term roles; and
  • Mitigating obstacles and tracking successes.

Anticipated project outcomes include:

  • A greater variety of people taking on volunteer roles, increasing community strength, resilience, and inclusiveness.
  • Increased percentage of youth volunteers, especially with a disability or from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  • Stronger relationship between EVRC, VIO's, volunteers, and the wider community.

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