General Information

Esperance enjoys a moderate Mediterranean-like climate all year round. It is a regional port and developing district.

The town has a complete range of services including shopping, educational, medical, social and recreational facilities. It is a popular tourist destination and the area abounds in natural and manmade attractions. Our coastline is spectacular and unspoilt.

One of the greatest assets for Esperance is its National Parks. There are five in the region, comprising one-fifth of the total shire area. Esperance also boasts the Recherche Archipelago, which encompasses more than 100 islands, and is protected by an A-class reserve status.

Local Information

  • Area: Over 53,700 square kilometres
  • National Parks and Reserves: Approx. 5,900 square kilometres
  • Distance from Perth: 714 km (by road)
  • Population: 13,883 (2021)
  • Median Age: 42
  • Families: 3,441
  • Children Aged 0-14 Years: 22.2% of population
  • People Aged 65 and Over: 14% of population
  • Length of Roads: 4,853 kilometres
  • Localities: Esperance, Bandy Creek, Beaumont, Boyatup, Buraminya, Cape Arid, Cape Le Grand, Cascade, Castletown, Chadwick, Condingup, Coomalbidgup, Dalyup, East Munglinup, Gibson, Grass Patch, Howick, Israelite Bay, Lort River, Merivale, Monjingup, Mount Ney, Myrup, Neridup, North Cascade, Nulsen, Pink Lake, Salmon Gums, Scaddan, Sinclair, West Beach, Windabout and Wittenoom Hills