Copies of Approved Plans

Copies of Approved Plans can be obtained by the owner of a property.

  • Building Approvals
  • Septic Approvals
  • Development Approvals

If you are interested in purchasing a property, or offering a property for sale, we encourage you to view approved plans to aid your due diligence.

Fees apply to obtain copies of plans. A PDF copy of all approved plans is emailed to the applicant, this can take 5-10 days depending on the property. An Application to Obtain Copies of Plans form must be completed, signed by the property owner and paid for prior to the any plans being released.

Fees are reviewed each financial year by Council and may be subject to change without notice.

For additional information or assistance contact Building Services on (08) 9071 0674 or call in to the Shire Administration Building on Windich Street.