Water Sampling & Water Quality

Algal Blooms at the Beach

Very occasionally - usually for no more than a few weeks every few years at most when conditions are just right - water, particularly in sheltered bays, rivers and estuaries, may turn a combination of pink, brown, yellow or pale green. When this happens it is more than likely the result of an algal bloom which is a natural phenomenon that happens all around the world. Contact with algal blooms, whether direct or indirect, should be avoided as it can cause skin irritation and rashes while also having the potential to be toxic. 

Rainwater Tanks

Installation of rainwater tanks requires written planning approval in most instances (minor exemptions apply) prior to construction or placement onsite. Contact Planning Services on (08) 9071 0676 or email shire@esperance.wa.gov.au for further information.

Rainwater tanks are an excellent source for providing non-potable water to your household for use in the toilet and laundry, washing your car and watering the garden. Federal and State rebates may also be available in some instance. Contact the Water Corporation on 131 385 for further information.

Water Sampling

Environmental Health Services regularly sample various public water sources, pools and spas within the Shire, testing the water quality to ensure it is safe for consumption, irrigation or to swim or bathe in. Parameters for testing include levels of chemical disinfection, pH level, temperature and the presence of assorted bacteria and amoeba.

For additional information or assistance contact Environmental Health Services on (08) 9071 0676, email shire@esperance.wa.gov.au or call into the Shire Administration Centre on Windich Street.