Footpaths & Cycleways

Working in partnership with other levels of government and stakeholders, the Shire provides a Footpath and Cycleway network that is safe and efficient for use by both cyclists and pedestrians.

At present there are approximately 140.6 kilometres of pedestrian and dual use paths within the Shire.

All footpaths and cycleways are inspected routinely with maintenance and repairs performed regularly to ensure they are safe for public use. On average it costs $104,473 per annum for the maintenance and capital renewal expenditure required to provide a safe and efficient footpath and cycleway network.

The Shire plans to operate and maintain the footpath and cycleway network to achieve the following strategic objectives:

Ensure the Footpath and Cycleway network is maintained at a safe and functional standard as set out in the 2010 Footpath and Cycleway asset management plan.

Ensure Footpaths and Cycleways meet the required level of service.

Ensure maximum life without compromising safety.

To report a hazard or issue with a footpath or cycleway please contact Asset Management on (08) 9071 0637.