Building Permits are required for some fences

A fence constructed of brick, stone or concrete requires a Building Permit. Plans submitted are required to be certified by a Structural Engineer.

Application forms can be downloaded from the Building Commission Website.

Dividing Fences

The Shire of Esperance has no jurisdiction when it comes to disputes between neighbours over a dividing fence.

The Dividing Fences Matters website provides general guidance on Dividing Fence Act 1961 and its interaction with local government by-laws in relation to the construction and maintenance of dividing fences in Western Australia.  The Act provides a process for sharing costs between neighbours, the determination of boundaries and a mechanism for courts to deal with disputes over dividing fences in specific instances.

For any dispute regarding your dividing fence - including trees, branches or roots encroaching on or over the boundary fence - please contact Legal Aid on 1300 650 579.

The role of the Shire of Esperance with regard to dividing fences is to prescribe the minimum standard of fence and consider applications for over height fences on their merits and against the relevant Local Laws. Please note that over height dividing fences require a signed Over Height Dividing Fences Agreement between both the property owners (subject and adjoining) before approval can be issued.

A copy of the Fencing Local Law can be obtained from the Shire of Esperance Administration Centre on Windich Street or downloaded from our Local Laws page.

For additional information and assistance contact the Shire's Statutory Division on (08) 9071 0676 or the Building Commission Dividing Fences section on 1300 720 715.