Waste Education

The Shire Of Esperance's Waste Education Program provides services to help Esperance schools and community groups reduce, reuse their waste and recycle right.  Our Waste Education Officer, Debra Sanger engages with the community through a range of events, programs and partnerships to influence positive waste and recycling behaviours.These include presentations for students, teachers and community groups, free tours of the Wylie Bay Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and information about a range of initiatives including Climate Clever and Garage Sale Trail.

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A-Z Recycling Guide  Shire of Esperance Recycling Guide
Wylie Bay (MRF) Booking Enquiry From   

Wylie Bay Recycling Tours: A guided visit to the Recycling Shed highlights to visitors just what happens to our recyclables after the truck empties the bin at home. You will see how the products are sorted and baled ready for transport to Perth. Bookings essential.

Click HERE for further information and Booking Form.

Wylie Bay Pre and Post Excursion Ideas Wylie Bay Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) Pre and Post Excursion Activities Form
Waste Sorted Program

Be a GREAT sort and learn about the Waste Sorted Program HERE

G - Gift items to charity, swap or sell

R - Recycle these 5

E - Earth-cycle food scraps and garden waste

A - Avoid excess packaging

T - Take to drop-off points

Waste Sorted Schools Resources  Curriculum Guide for Teachers
War on Waste Watch the iView - War on Waste series
Planet Ark Recyling Near You Esperance WA Directory Listing

Climate Clever

The Shire of Esperance is now a Climate Clever Partner!

Climate Clever is a free, online platform used to measure the carbon footprint of homes and businesses and schools. Climate Clever was featured on the ABC series “Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge” where the school saved 30% on their utility bills in just four months!

The Shire of Esperance chose to partner with Climate Clever to work towards reducing our emissions as per the Shire of Esperance’s Local Government Climate Change Declaration.

What does this mean for residents?

Residents, businesses and schools simply sign up to the free Climate Clever website.

First, a baseline emissions measurement is recorded with the easy to use calculator, next an audit is done to identify what appliances are consuming resources.

Climate Clever then suggests actions from its list that can be implemented to save money and reduce the carbon footprint of users. Progress is tracked within the app and lastly, offsets can be purchased to become carbon neutral if desired.

As a partner with Climate Clever, the Shire of Esperance has the ability to view emissions reductions from a community perspective, allowing us to track our progress towards reducing carbon emissions.

Sign up today!

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