Change of Commercial Bin Size Request Form

Use the below form to request a change of bin size. Selecting a smaller bin not only helps reduce your environmental footprint but you will also save money on rates!

The available options are:

Option Bulk Recycling Service Frequency  Charge Per Annum
1 360L Wheelie Bin Weekly $477.00
2 360L Wheelie Bin Fortnightly $252.00
3 1.5m3 Front Lift Bin Weekly $1,910.00
4 1.5m3 Front Lift Bin Fortnightly $1,270.00
5 3m3 Front Lift Bin Weekly $3,270.00
6 3m3 Front Lift Bin Fortnightly $1,940.00
7 4.5m3 Front Lift Bin Weekly  $4,575.00
8 4.5m3 Front Lift Bin Fortnightly $2,590.00

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