Animal Exercise Areas

To assist our dog owners and visitors to the Shire of Esperance, we have provided areas where your dog can enjoy a run around without the restrictions of a lead.

The Shire aims to provide a safe environment within our dog-friendly areas and we seek to educate and remind people of the responsibilities of controlling their animals while off lead.

Members of the public should be able to relax and go about their business without being disturbed by uncontrolled dogs. Please keep in mind that these areas are also used by members of the general public and their families and we ask that your dog(s) be under the control of a responsible person and your dog(s) does not cause a nuisance to other users within the area.

If you choose to exercise your dog off a leash in the approved areas, you must have effective control of your dog, meaning you must be close by and you must carry the leash to use if required.

To ensure our Shire remains clean and tidy for other users, we ask you take the opportunity to use the free dog-poo bags available and place your pup’s poop in the bins provided.


Heading east of the Tanker Jetty, along the beach to Straker St, between the hours of 5am to 8am and 4pm to 8pm daily. Dogs must be held on a leash during excluded times.

The area from the Tanker Jetty extending west to the Port is not a recognised dog exercise area, and as such, dogs must be held on a lead at all times along the beach, on all grassed areas and on the footpaths.


Reserve 3287 – the Greater Sports Ground (provided such exercising does not conflict with any organised function being conducted within the reserve).

Public Land Outside the Town Site Boundary

Restrictions relating to the leashing of dogs apply within the town site of Esperance only and not remote areas to which the public have access unless signs are erected specifically indicating otherwise.

Dog Prohibited Areas

National Parks

Dogs are not allowed in National Parks. The Department of Environment and Conservation has its own rules. Dog owners should be aware of these requirements before entering National Parks or land reserved for protection of Flora and Fauna.

Twilight Beach

Dogs are prohibited in the area from the headland at Twilight Beach to the rocks to the east of the Surf Lifesaving Club.

Monjingup Lake Nature Reserve

Dogs are prohibited from both Stage 1 and 2 reserves.