Development Guidelines & Studies

Tiny Houses on Wheels

Curious about building a tiny house on wheels in Esperance? The Shire of Esperance is passionate about providing affordable and sustainable housing choices for the people of Esperance.

Take a look at our new Tiny House on Wheels Fact Sheet to answer all of your questions around planning, building and environmental health requirements.

Local Planning Policy

Esperance Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy

Coastal zones are vulnerable to adverse impacts from inundation and erosion hazards. The extent of the hazard zone is expected to increase in the future and be exacerbated by climate change.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the magnitude and extent of the adverse impact of combined sea level rise and storm surge, early consideration of coastal hazards and the adaptation and management of appropriate planning responses can provide economic, environmental and social benefits.

Esperance Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy.

Green Infrastructure & Industrial Development Guidelines

Green Infrastructure incorporates various design elements including:

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design ('WSUD') - Sustainable drainage systems, swales, wetlands, rivers and canals and their banks, other water courses, parks, green spaces, urban landscaping and gardens, green roofs and walls;
  • Connections - footpaths, cycleways and wildlife corridors; and
  • Energy efficient infrastructure - wind turbines, solar panels and sustainable design principles.

In the long term Green Infrastructure has real benefits in terms of saving money and energy for residents and end users. The image of places can be improved, boosting property values and house prices. The appeal of green spaces with enhanced natural features and the availability of green energy can attract new residents, tourists, creative people, entrepreneurs, businesses and inward investment.

Shire's Green Infrastructure Guidelines.

In addition to the Green Infrastructure Guidelines the Shire of Esperance has developed a set of guidelines relating to Industrial Development with a specific focus on improving the visual amenity of the main entrances to Esperance.

Shire's Industrial Development Guidelines.

For additional information or assistance contact Planning Services on (08) 9071 0676 or call in to the Shire Administration Building on Windich Street.