Waste & Recycling


2023-24 Recycling Calendar

Please put your bins out by 5am on the scheduled day - or better still the night before.

Bins will be picked as per schedule over the Easter period - so put them out as normal!!

Green and Blue Bin Collection Days

Bins could be picked up anytime from 5am onwards.  If your bin is not out by 5am, there is no guarantee it will be collected.

Rural Kerbside Waste collection days:

  • Condingup - Tuesday
  • Gibson, Scaddan, Grass Patch, Salmon Gums and Cascades - Wednesday

Other local recycling in Esperance:

Recycling near you

Recycle Right

Information and Education

 kerbside recycling

7 rules of recycling

We can all do our bit to reduce waste to landfill, check out these informative websites:

Wylie Bay Recycling Tours: A guided visit to the Recycling Shed highlights to visitors just what happens to our recyclables after the truck empties the bin at home. You will see how the products are sorted and baled ready for transport to Perth. Bookings essential, for further information email: shire@esperance.wa.gov.au

Residential Recycling Service

Service provided: Co-mingled

Domestic recycling bin sizes:

  • 120L blue bin
  • 240L blue bin
  • 360L blue bin

Collection: Fortnightly on same day as general rubbish collection.

Residential Recycling Collection Map

Recyclable Requirements

The occupier must ensure that waste and recycling bins are:

  • Out prior to 5am on the scheduled day of collection (see calendar below) - preferably out the night before your collection day
  • Kept clean and free of contaminants (non recyclable materials)
  • Placed on the street verge approximately half a metre (0.5m) from the kerb with the lid opening closest to the road.
  • Green and blue bins need to be placed one metre (1m) apart to ensure the truck has room to collect each bin. Click Here for diagram.
  • Position bins away from any over-hanging obstructions so the do not interfere with the use of roads, footpaths, cycle ways etc
  • Returned inside the property once emptied

recycling bins

Note: The Shire has a "3 Strikes Policy". Recycling bins containing contaminants (i.e. non-recyclable products) will not be collected. If this occurs three times the recycling service is removed from the property. Offensive contamination such as nappies and food waste is particularly penalised as all recyclables are hand sorted in Esperance

The loss of or damage to a bin caused by an occupant is the owner’s responsibility.

Commercial Recycling Service

The Shire of Esperance provides a weekly recycling collection service for businesses, schools and organisations that wish to participate.

Service provided: Co-mingled (glass is exempt)

Commercial Recycling Bin sizes:

  • 4.5m3 bulk recycling bin
  • 3m3 bulk recycling bin
  • 1.5m3 bulk recycling bin
  • 360L blue bin
  • 240L blue bin

Collection: Tuesday or Thursday mornings

Change of Commercial Bin Size Request Form

NOTE: A fortnightly collection is available for businesses only where it coincides with the residential collection.

Town Recycling Stations

blue bins

The recycling stations are available for use by all residents who live outside the current recycling collection area as well as tourists.

The Recycling Stations are located In the below locations:

Bunnings carpark, corner of Norseman Road and Arthur Street

Visitor Centre Carpark, corner Kemp and Dempster Streets

Please remember:

  • Place all recyclables into the bins LOOSE
  • Do not tie them up in bags
  • Do not over load bins as it causes litter issues.

Please report misuse to the shire on (08) 9071 0666.

Rural Recycling Stations

rural recycling

Rural recycling Stations are located in the towns of:

  • Scaddan
  • Grass Patch
  • Salmon Gums
  • Cascade
  • Condingup

Containers for Change

On 1 October 2020, Containers for Change launched in Western Australia!

Containers for Change is a state-wide container deposit scheme that lets you cash in eligible drink containers for 10 cents each.

In WA, we use more than 1.3 billion eligible drink containers each year; enough drink containers to circumnavigate WA six times every year.

When it comes to recycling, Western Australians now have the chance to make real change and earn cash while we do it.

By recycling through Containers for Change you help to:

  • Reduce litter and landfill
  • Increase recycling
  • Create jobs
  • Provide opportunities for social enterprise and benefits for community organisations

Where to Return - The Esperance depot is at

19 Effie Turner Drive, Esperance WA

Visit here for more information on opening hours.

Fundraising - Containers for Change provides exciting and easy opportunities for groups and charities to raise much-needed funds. Turn your containers into change!

Visit here to read more about how the program works and how to sign up.

This program is a State Government initiative and not coordinated by the Shire of Esperance. Please visit the Containers for Change website for any further information or with any concerns.