Join the Library

Library Membership

Membership is FREE for Shire of Esperance permanent residents and ratepayers.

Permanent residents and ratepayers

Bring in photo ID and other forms of ID, to identify your name and address. This will be cross-referenced with your information at the Shire.

Renting or boarding

Bring in your rental agreement, photo ID and other forms of ID, to identify your name and address.

Online Membership Registration

Complete the Online Membership Form or Print a hard copy.

Online Membership Form

Membership Application Form

Library Membership Terms and Conditions

Library Membership Terms and Conditions.

Library Code of Conduct

Library Code of Conduct.

Esperance Visitors

Are you visiting Esperance and want to borrow physical items during your visit?

WA Public Library's Membership

Visitors to Esperance who are permanent and current members of a WA Public Library may use their own library card and join with the same borrowing rights as Esperance residents, without paying a deposit. Current Identification with address details that show residency within that Library's boundary will be required.

Temporary Membership

Non-library members, interstate and international visitors can pay a bond and borrow as a 'temporary member'.

 Temporary Visitor Bond Refundable Deposit Options:

  • TV1 - Maximum 2 items loaned - $30.00 deposit.
  • TV2 - Maximum 5 items loaned - $65.00 deposit.

A current form of identification with correct address details will be required.

Your deposit will be refunded when you leave town subject to the return of all items loaned or when you have enough identification to become a permanent library member.

Please note: Fees and Charges are set by Council.