Swimming Pools

A Building Permit is required for a Swimming Pool

All new swimming pools and spa pools require a Building Permit. Details of the pool barrier are required to be included in the application.

Application forms can be downloaded from the Building Commission website.

Making Your Pool Safe

Over the last five years, more than 150 Australian children under the age of five drowned, and of these accidents, approximately 50% occurred in home swimming pools.

Your immediate action can make a difference - click here to view the Royal Life Saving Home Pool Safety Checklist.

Swimming Pool Barrier Inspections

Legislation in Western Australia requires a barrier to be provided around private swimming pools or spas for the protection of young children who may enter that area with or without the knowledge or consent of the owner or occupier of a property. Building Industry Development has produced a number of publications to assist swimming pool and spa owners, as well as local government swimming pool inspectors, in understanding swimming pool and spa barrier requirements.

The Shire performs a compliance inspection on private swimming pool safety barriers every four years. It is the responsibility of the owner and/or occupier to ensure that suitable barriers are in place and maintained at all times. Please complete this checklist to ensure your pool barrier is compliant.

Information regarding swimming pools and safety barriers is also available in Rules for Pools and Spas, a booklet produced by the Building Commission.

For further information relating to pool barrier requirements contact Building Services at the Shire of Esperance on (08) 9071 0676 or visit the Royal Life Saving website.