Operational Plans

Operational Plans are strategic documents that influence how the Shire operates on a day to day basis. Council has acquired infrastructure assets by purchase, contract, construction and by donation of assets from developers and others to meet increased levels of service.

Plans are reviewed regularly to include revised plans that are specific to individual assets classes - stormwater drainage, roads, bridges, buildings, footpaths, parks and recreation, coastal infrastructure and the Airport are just some the things we plan for.

Strategic Asset Management Plan 2020

The Shire of Esperance Strategic Asset Management Plan 2020 is a key informing document to the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and is a dynamic document outlining a clear course of action in applying and supporting the Shire’s Asset Management Policy.

The Shires infrastructure assets represent a vast investment over many generations that support modern living in the community.  Millions of dollars are spent annually managing and maintaining the Shire’s infrastructure and it is imperative that the Shire employs the best management skills and practices to ensure that related services are delivered economically and sustainably.

Community Waste Strategy 2018 - 2023

The Community Waste Strategy 2018 - 2023 was developed to waste management practices to achieve more sustainable outcomes. It outlines how the Esperance Community, alongside the Shire, can reduce waste, have alternatives to landfill and support initiatives that reduces our reliance on waste producing products.


The new Community Waste Strategy 2018-2023 was adopted at an Ordinary Council Meeting on 27 February 2018, the Agenda and Minutes from the meeting can be viewed here. A copy of the Community Waste Strategy can be downloaded here, or a b&w printed copy can be requested by emailing shire@esperance.wa.gov.au and collected from the Administration Building on Windich Street.

Community Waste Engagement Plan 2018 - 2023

This Community Waste Engagement Plan (2018-2023) provides a framework to support the ongoing implementation of the Shire of Esperance’s Community Waste Strategy (2018-2023) and Strategic Community Plan (2017-2027).

The overall aim of this Plan is to maximise waste reduction, reuse and recycling, while minimising the amount of potentially reusable, recyclable and recoverable resources disposed of to landfill. A program of initiatives will engage residents in reducing the volume of waste needing to be managed. A secondary benefit will be the heightened community awareness resulting in changes in waste management behaviour. A Community Waste Action Group was formed to achieve the aims of the plan and to provide support to those individuals and community groups who are leading the way in waste minimisation. The community groups represented and the duties of the members are detailed in the Roles and Responsibilites of the Community Waste Action Group.

A copy of the Community Waste Engagement Plan can be downloaded here, or a b&w printed copy can be requested by emailing shire@esperance.wa.gov.au and collected from the Administration Building on Windich Street.

Revenue Strategy

The Revenue Strategy assists the Shire in developing longer term revenue streams ensuring rating and fees are being set in a consistent and clear manner. The Strategy considers the ongoing support from other levels of government through grant funds that provide significant revenue to support the Shire of Esperance financial performance and capacity.

Revenue Strategy

Sports Facilities & Services Plan

This Sports Facilities & Services Plan covers the sports facilities and services needs of the whole Shire including the major population centre of Esperance and the seven satellite towns - Condingup, Gibson, Scaddan, Grass Patch, Salmon Gums, Dalyup and Cascade.

A copy of the document can be viewed at the Shire Administration Building on Windich Street.