Mountain Bike Feasibility Study

Almost 20% of the Western Australian population identifies as a bike rider. Recreational cycling is growing in popularity and the development of recreational cycling facilities are becoming more common, not just across Australia, but across the world. Cycling facilities vary in their purpose, scale, design, material, cost and popularity.

The Shire of Esperance has identified a desire for recreational cycling facilities within the Shire to service the youth population and existing bike riders. Development of facilities within close proximity to the town will allow the resident population to benefit from the physical, mental and social benefits of cycling.

The Shire of Esperance is a vibrant coastal community on the south coast of Western Australia. There are a range of demographics, an extensive youth population and a large influx of seasonal visitors. The Shire has many key attractors, drawing visitors from across the State, interstate and overseas. The development of sustainable recreational cycling facilities within the Shire of Esperance is in line with the Vision outlined in the current Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027 outlined below. Furthermore, the priority areas identified in this feasibility study are in line with these Strategic Themes and Aspirations.

An online survey was undertaken to gain a clear understanding of desire for recreational cycling facilities within the Shire of Esperance. The survey identified preferred trail type, preferred facility type, preferred locations, and gave an indication of demand for opportunities within the Shire and around the Esperance townsite.