Economic Strategy

Regional Economic Development Strategy

The Goldfields Esperance Development Commission is the lead agency for the strategy, in partnership with the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Shires of Esperance, Dundas and Ravensthorpe.

The strategy will guide the future development of the Esperance region and ensure future opportunities are practical, cost-effective and supported by private investors and public agencies. It identifies priorities for the region and focuses on how to create a positive investment environment.

Regional Economic Development Strategy

Hard copies can be viewed at the Shire Administration Building and Esperance Public Library.

For further information contact Trevor Ayers on (08) 9071 0644.


Esperance is a remote regional centre located in the south east of the State. Esperance is unique because of its relatively self contained nature due to its remoteness and next significantly sized community being 400km away. Additionally, Esperance has no through traffic which means it is a destination rather than a stopping point on the way to somewhere else. Esperance has a micro economy and a highly resilient community. Esperance builds on the ‘destination’ element through a significant tourism industry within and around Esperance.

The Esperance Port

The Esperance Port is the only port in the south-east of Western Australia and is fundamental to the Esperance economy. Esperance Port handles over 200 ships per annum exporting nickel, iron ore and grain whilst bulk imports include fuel and fertilisers.

Agriculture and Mining Industry

Agriculture is still the most significant industry underpinning Esperance. The importance of agriculture revolves around both the production occurring throughout the rural areas of the Shire and the broader regional transport and logistics industry involved in moving it to market, which is supported by the Port facilities.

Mining is also an important industry for Esperance. Whilst there is no mine located within the Shire at present, the Port is a significant component of the ‘road to market’ for a vast hinterland extending up through the Yilgarn iron ore province.

Robust mining and agricultural industries combine to underpin local manufacturing and rural/industrial service enterprises resulting in a strong and diverse small business community.

Employment and Population Growth

Esperance has long been a sustainable community. It has not suffered the fluctuations in population other regional towns have suffered as a result of significant shifts in industry and agriculture. Future population growth within Esperance will be dependent on the growth of the established agricultural and mining industries. Esperance currently has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Australia.