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Want to be COVID-19 Digitally Ready?

The Checklist:

  • A modern smartphone (check with Library staff for minimum requirements)
  • Have an email account accessible on your mobile device
  • Have an active unique MyGov account
  • Have the Medicare Service linked to your MyGov account
  • Ability to download apps on your mobile device (Apple iPhone users may require iCloud login details)
  • Be ready with several unique strong passwords for all the different accounts (the library can provide you with a "Passwords" booklet)
  • Have 30 minutes to 1 hour time and patience to complete this task when an appointment is available

Apps to download

  • Express Plus Medicare
  • MyGovID
  • ServiceWA

For help with creating strong passwords click here (recommended) and for simple passwords click here (less secure).

How secure is my password check?

Library staff will use this form at your tech-help appointment and provide you copy with all your details for your records.

Need a myGov account?

We will help you get registered with myGov and connect a service. 

Library Staff will use this form to support you.

Need a Medicare "Linking Code" for your MyGov account?

Online Services Support Hotline

  • 132 307
  • Wait for menu prompts then:
  • Choose option 2 for a myGov linking code, then,
  • Choose option 1 for Medicare linking code
  • Documents to have ready: Medicare Card, Pensioner Card (CRN) and Drivers Licence or Photo ID.
  • The information they may ask to verify ID: Address, phone, email, bank account details listed with Medicare and your last doctor's visit detail – clinic name and doctors name, and chemist name.