Disposal of Tanker Jetty Timber

As part of the deconstruction of the Esperance Tanker Jetty, the historic timber from the Jetty is being salvaged. H+ H Architects, who are Heritage Architects, have been engaged to undertake a Watching Brief for the deconstruction of the Jetty, as per the Heritage Council requirements. As part of the Watching Brief H+H Architects has developed a timber sorting matrix for the classification of timber recovered from the Jetty, through the sorting of the Jetty timbers stored at the depot. From this H+H Architects have come up with four grades to classify the Jetty timbers into the timber grading matrix can be found here.

Council has endorsed the following actions for each grade of the historic timber.

Grade 1 Timbers - Proof of Purchase

At the Ordinary Council Meeting held on Tuesday 28th April 2020 Council Resolved to provide all persons who purchased a Jetty Plank in 1989, with documented evidence of a certificate, a Grade 1 Piece of Timber for the timber recovered from the Esperance Tanker Jetty.

If you have a copy of the certificate you were provided with upon your purchase of the timber in 1989 and would like to receive your Grade 1 timber plank please send a copy and your contact details through to shire@esperance.wa.gov.au or alternatively if you have any questions please contact Asset Management on 08 9071 0641. Once received a member of the Shire Administration will be in contact with you.

Grade 1 & 2 Timbers

Grade 1 & 2 Timbers will be stockpiled stored by the Shire of Esperance until the deconstruction is complete.

Grade 3 Timbers

The deconstruction of the Esperance Tanker Jetty will result in some excess recovered and salvageable timber, classified as Grade 3 timber. In recognising the heritage value of the timber, the Shire of Esperance aim to distribute these pieces to members of the Esperance community, for projects that demonstrate a community benefit. The material includes

  • Deck Planks
  • Stringers
  • Half Caps
  • Corbels

Grade 3 timbers have considerable weathering, enlarged recesses and deterioration to exposed surfaces and around fixings and cut ends. The timber is generally in fair to poor condition. These lengths are cut-down or damaged lengths of 1933 fabric and are intended for small scale domestic and community use.

Pictured below are some samples of the grade 3 timbers.


timber 3

timber 2

Grade 4 Timbers

Council Resolved to award the Grade 4 Timbers to Esperance Men in Sheds who will be responsible for distributing the timbers amongst members of the group and the wider community. If you wish to acquire a piece please direct your request to Esperance Men in Sheds.