Esperance Jetty


Opened in March 2021, the 415 metre Esperance Jetty was built for the Esperance community and visitors to enjoy. Fishing, walking, photography and diving are all accessible.

Built primarily from concrete and steel, bent 1 – 10 forms the Esperance Jetty’s ‘heritage section’ and has been designed and built to pay homage the original Esperance Tanker Jetty's design.

Elements from the old Tanker Jetty have also been included in the design, like the classic curvature of the jetty, diving platform and shelters. Tanker Jetty timbers were used in the interpretive features of the Esperance Jetty, mixing the old with the new.


The perfect place to catch a few! Locals and visitors will enjoy fishing for:

  • Herring
  • Skippy
  • Whiting
  • Flathead
  • Squid

The Jetty is here for all users, so remember to wash off any fish blood or squid ink that has spilt onto the jetty, and always discard any rubbish appropriately.

Fish Cleaning

Fishing cleaning stations are approximately 100m offshore and are under lights and therefore can also be used at night time. Please make sure you dispose of all waste and rubbish.

Fishing at Night time

Some of the best times to fish is when the sun goes down. There are lights on the jetty which not only provide light during the evening, but can assist in attracting squid.

Responsible Fishing & Esperance Jetty Fishing Restrictions

While you may fish from the actual jetty, you are not allowed to fish around what was the original end of the jetty, known locally as 'The Island'.

The Island is marked with a navigational beacon, shown in red on the map below.

No fishing is allowed within the are indicated by the yellow line.

Information and image provided by the Government of Western Australia, Department of Fisheries


Diving trail

At the end of the jetty is a dive trail, where you can see seaweeds and marine life make the artificial reef their home.

Located 50-100m off the end of the jetty, divers can use the dive platform to launch from.

Home to Leafy Sea Dragon, Skippy, Whiting and many more. More on Diving around Esperance can be found here.

Coastal Safety

Esperance is a popular tourism destination with many visiting to experience the vast coastline.

While going about exploring the region, our aim is to ensure you are aware of the local risks & advocate safe behaviours.

More information about being SharkSmart, knowing our local hazards and more can be found here.


There is a strong history of jetties in Esperance.

For project information on the old Tanker Jetty and the how the new jetty was built, please click through the links below.

Tanker Jetty Project