Statement from the Shire of Esperance regarding the Proposed South Coast Marine Park

Published on Thursday, 2 May 2024 at 3:17:34 PM

The Shire of Esperance has actively called for a balanced and fair South Coast Marine Park since 2021, when the State Government announced the project.

Council and the Shire have stated from the beginning, "We are not against a marine park". We believe it is possible to design a marine park that is positive for our region - one that will grow our economy, culture, community and recreational lifestyle and values while also protecting our pristine and much-loved environment.

We have been vocal about failings in the government process and how the consultation with our community has been handled. We called for on-the-ground assistance, which DBCA have put in place, robustly condemned the inadequate 'socio-economic report' provided, and questioned scientific research and evidence that underpin the proposed sanctuary zones.

If we need to keep speaking up for our region, we will.

It is our responsibility and role to represent our whole community. In our Council Plan we state that we “exist to meet the needs of current and future generations through a mix of environmental protection, social advancement and economic prosperity”. With this in mind, the Shire of Esperance Administration cannot be “for” or “against” this marine park; we must be balanced.

Our community is full of people with differing opinions—that’s what makes us unique and a democratic society. However, do not let your language be foul or abusive. Let what we say be constructive and helpful so everyone feels safe to take part in the discussion - this is the true Esperance spirit.

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