Rural Street Addressing

The Shire of Esperance is undertaking a Rural Street Addressing project to all rural and semi-rural properties starting in May 2019. The new street address follows a national standards-based model. The aim of the model is to supply a uniform address number to every rural and semi-rural property in Australia. It is a system that is simple to understand, easy to use and benefits everyone.

This unique form of identification for rural properties will provide a number of major benefits to various sections of the community. As a resident, the benefits for you are:

  • Your property will have an established locatable street address
  • Government agencies will find it easier to deliver services to you
  • It will make it easier for those who deliver mail and other goods to find you, but will not replace your PO Box if you have one
  • Your property will be clearly identifiable in times of emergency, for emergency services to be able to respond quickly and render assistance
  • Visitors will find you more easily using maps and their GPS

Property Numbers are based on the distance of the entrance to a property from the start of the road. Odd numbers are on the left, even numbers on the right. For example, the number 327 refers to a property on the left hand side of the road 3.27km for the road’s beginning. Number 1026 is 10.26km from the beginning of the road on the right hand side, and number 2253 is on the left 22.53km from where the road started. The beginning of a road is the end closest to the nearest post office.

Once you have a number assigned to your property don't forget to show this number on your letterbox or gate and to use it as part of your address when completing documentation. The Shire has a checklist that will be emailed out to all property owners when the new numbers are applied. This checklist is a guide of all the government agencies and non-government organisations who would benefit from being provided with your new address.

Addresses will only be assigned to houses or developments. Vacant land or farm paddocks with no infrastructure will not be given an address.