Councillors to Advocate to Fishing Minister

Published on Tuesday, 2 April 2024 at 4:25:01 PM

Councillors and senior Shire staff will meet with Don Punch, Minister for Regional Development, Disability Services, Fisheries, Seniors and Ageing, and Volunteering. This meeting is not confidential; however, like similar meetings, it is not open to the public or “silent spectators.” 

As part of their ongoing commitment to advocating for our community, Councillors and senior Shire staff meet and communicate regularly with state government counterparts (Ministers and Chiefs of Staff), and this meeting is no different.

Several topics will be discussed, including the Proposed South Coast Marine Park, potential shark fishing bans in popular swimming areas, the Worker’s Accommodation Project, and the Esperance Senior High School. Other relevant issues related to his portfolio will be discussed before Minister Punch meets with other local community and business organisations.

Shire personnel present at the meeting are expected to take this opportunity to inform the Minister of the range of view points that the community has expressed to them.

The Shire of Esperance represented community feedback on the proposed marine park through Media Releases and Latest News stories in April, August, September and December 2023, as well as February and March this year. These have also been publicised to our community through the Shire Flyer, Facebook and Instagram.

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