The Future of Waste Management in Esperance

Updated January 2022

Community Drop Off and Waste Management Transfer Station

At the May 2021 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council identified the Myrup Truck Wash and Liquid Waste Facility at Lot 1885 Myrup Road, Myrup as the preferred location for the proposed Community Drop Off and Waste Management Transfer Station.

Following a public Request for Quotation process, in June 2021 the Shire engaged GHD Consultants to develop a Detailed Concept Design (the Design) and preliminary costings, and to commence land use and environmental approvals for the Facility.

The Design caters for a number of resource recovery activities as well as a transfer station to collect, process and transport residual waste to the Coolgardie Waste Facility for disposal.

The Facility will encompass all activities (other than landfill) currently occurring at Wylie Bay as well as additional activities of Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) processing, biosecurity waste incineration, household hazardous waste collection, a quality tip shop, and the compaction and transfer of residual waste.

The Design includes the following items:

  • Gate House and Weighbridge;
  • Administration Area/Offices/Staff Room;
  • Tip Shop and Education Facility;
  • Dry Materials Recovery Facility (MRF);
  • Community Drop Off;
  • Food & Garden Waste Processing;
  • Metals and Construction & Demolition (C&D) Processing;
  • Waste Transfer Station; and
  • Biosecurity and Medical Waste Incineration.

Council endorsed the Design at the January 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting, including approving a minimum contribution of $6,713,728 from the Shire’s Sanitation (Rubbish Removal) Reserve towards part-funding the Project.

Council will consider additional funding including contributory funding sources as further Project costings are developed through the Detailed Design Phase.

What’s the next step?

The Shire will commence the procurement process, including a Request for Tender, for Detailed Construction Drawings, Quantity Survey and all associated reports required for a Works Approval and Licence Application under Part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 for the Facility.

Myrup Waste Management Facility Design Basis Report

myrup waste facility

The Future of Waste Managment in Esperance Q&A

Updated: January 2022


In May 2021, Council resolved to enter into a 30-year agreement with the Shire of Coolgardie to deliver Esperance’s waste to the Coolgardie Waste Facility (Coolgardie Landfill).

This decision followed a Waste Transport Cost v Landfill Assessment Report which identified that transporting compacted waste to the Coolgardie Landfill was a more cost effective option than purchasing land and developing the Shire’s own landfill within the Shire.

The combination of the Myrup Community Drop Off and Waste Management Transfer Station and the Coolgardie waste arrangements will support the Shire’s target of diverting 50% of Municipal Solid Waste from landfill by 2025 through improved waste avoidance, resource recovery and disposal practices.

Further Information

For an informative ‘question & answer sheet’ relating to Council’s recent decisions on waste, click here.