New Esperance Jetty

Section M - As Built Drawings - 2021

At an Ordinary Council Meeting held on 27 March 2018 a tender for the Detailed Design Development for the New Esperance Jetty was awarded to H+H Architects.

The Jetty Detailed Design Process highlights the milestone steps included within the project. The step coloured red is where we are now; this flowchart will be updated as we move through the process.

H+H Architects presented Detailed Design Drawings to Council and the Jetty Replacement Working Group for review prior to presenting these to the Heritage Council in early May 2019. The presentation is available here, please note the Detailed Design Drawings in the presentation demonstrate the design and intent of the new jetty however they are not construction drawings. The Shire received confirmation on the 23rd May from the Heritage Council supporting the proposed Detailed Design of the replacement jetty.

The May Ordinary Council Meeting saw Council presented with two items. One to consider the advice received from the Heritage Council on the Tanker Jetty deconstruction methodology and the second item outlined the Jetty Replacement Process set out by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage. Both items were supported by Council.

In June the Minister for Heritage, the Hon David Templeman issued a Section 64 Certificate. The Permit allows for the deconstruction of the Esperance Tanker Jetty to occur and stipulates the construction of the replacement jetty to be as per the Detailed Design approved by the Heritage Council. There are a number of conditions included in the Permit which the Shire of Esperance must satisfy, with the final result ensuring the Esperance Community will have a Replacement Jetty.

 As per the agreed Ten Step Process the issuance of the Section 64 meant the Shire could prepare and release a tender for the construction of a replacement jetty. The tender was subsequently released on the 27th July, with the closure date being the 2nd September.  There were multiple tenders received from three tenderers. This included compliant tenders and alternatives. The Esperance Shire Council awarded the construction of the Replacement Jetty tender to Maritime Constructions at a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 1 October 2019.




New Esperance Jetty Q&A

Check out some fun facts about the new Esperance Jetty below!

How long is the new Esperance jetty ?

The new jetty will be 415 metres ‘over the water’.

Is the new Esperance Jetty be thinner than the original Esperance Tanker Jetty?

No, it will be exactly the same width as original, at 4.5 metres.

How long is the new Esperance Jetty expected to last?

The jetty has a design life of 50 years, however given adequate maintenance there is no reason why it won’t last longer than that.

How much of the original Esperance Tanker Jetty timber was included into the structure of the new Esperance Jetty?

Due to the poor state of much of the original jetty timbers, it was not structurally viable to re-incorporate any of them into the new structure. They were assessed and did not pass Australian engineering standards, as such it would not be safe to include the old jetty timbers into the new structure.

How is the original Esperance Tanker Jetty timber going to be used?

The timber will be in the streetscaping around town and in future landscaping works. Old jetty timber can currently be seen at the skatepark, the new Museum Village Sign and the roundabout street signs in the CBD main streets.

What other elements of the original Esperance Tanker Jetty are included in the new Esperance Jetty?

There is one ‘lone pile’ left in the water, visible from the end of the jetty. The rest of the piles have been cut below water level for safety reasons and will remain on the seafloor bed in order to retain an interesting aquatic environment for fish and potential divers. Some furniture works, including some interpretive elements in and around the new jetty, will incorporate old wooden jetty piles, stringers and deck planks.

What is the ‘heritage section’ on the new Esperance Jetty?

Bent 1 – 10 forms the new Esperance Jetty’s ‘heritage section’ and has been designed and built to pay homage the original Esperance Tanker Jetty's design. In order to build a jetty these days there are different Australian Standards that where not mandatory back in 1935. Therefore the new jetty will include handrails, toe rails, ramps, an all abilities fishing area, and extra safety ladders – bringing it into the 21st century in terms of safety and accessibility for all, while still retaining the aesthetic appeal of the 1930’s design.

Is the new Esperance Jetty having light posts so we can fish at night-time?

Yes, the lighting is designed to provide ‘pools of light’, to create a safe, inviting place to cater for all user groups.

Has the Esperance Jetty got a fish cleaning station?

Yes, it will be located at bent 12, approximately ¼ of the way out and will be strategically centred in in of one of the ‘light pools’ in the dedicated fishing section.

Am I able to dive under the new Esperance Jetty?

Yes, there is a low-level platform at bent 44 (the far end) with stair access from the main deck. This platform is larger and much easier to access than before. The stairs leading down to the platform are wide, with hand rails, making it easier to climb up and down with dive gear. There is also a ladder leading out of the water for ease of access in and out of the water.

Has the new Esperance Jetty gone over budget?

No, the jetty has progressed within budget.

jetty opening