Esperance Youth Precinct

The Esperance Youth Precinct Concept Plan was endorsed at the August 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting - to develop a youth precinct, including an extension to the existing Esperance Skate Park, that will activate the foreshore and form a holistic Youth Precinct within Esperance. The proposed Youth Precinct will cater to the needs of the Esperance youth community and provide active recreation opportunities for all ages, abilities and program interests.

Esperance Youth Precinct Concept Plan

The Youth Precinct Plan includes:

  • Skate Park Extension
  • Pump Track
  • Play Facilities
  • Amenities and
  • Supporting Infrastructure

This Esperance Youth Precinct Concept Plan provides a concept plan based on the outcomes of the community consultation and community needs and requirements for the successful development of the precinct and the growing need for additional youth activation opportunities within Esperance. The Esperance Youth Precinct Concept Plan is planned so that it can be developed and implemented in stages as funding and resources become available.

The site is located in an undeveloped area encompassing the existing skate park and is within close proximity to additional youth infrastructure such as existing play opportunities located within the Adventureland precinct, the Esperance Scout Hall, Esperance Kids Bike Track facility and the recently completed ship theme playspace.

The site is easily accessible by vehicle with adjacent car parking and is within walking distance of the Esperance town centre and other supporting amenities.


performance area

Based on the usage of the current skate park and community consultation it is evident that the youth community has outgrown the current skate facility which is testament to its success since opening in 2016. In the development of the Youth Precinct Concept Plan, the Shire of Esperance and Convic actively engage and consulted with the Esperance community and youth on the plans development through pre-design and draft design project phases.

  1. Consultation Community Consultation Phase 1 – Pre Design - School and stakeholders sessions, Edge of the Bay drop-in sessions. Online survey.
  2. Community Consultation Phase 2 – Draft Youth Concept Plan - School and stakeholder sessions and community session via Zoom. Online survey.
  3. Consultation, Draft and Concept Plan developed by Convic.