Public Health Plan 2021-2026

Committing to create environments that support our communities health & wellbeing.

To formalise our commitment to creating environments that support our community’s health and wellbeing, the Shire of Esperance has developed and adopted the 2021-2026 Public Health Plan & Public Health Plan Summary.

The Plan, required under the WA Public Health Act 2016, is a strategic document designed to guide an integrated health and wellbeing planning process for the purpose of protecting, promoting and enhancing the health, wellbeing and quality of life for the Esperance community. Development of the Plan involved research and engagement with the community and stakeholders to identify the current health and wellbeing needs of our community. As a result, three priority focus areas were identified:

  • Healthy active lifestyle opportunities for all;
  • A safe and protected community; and
  • An inclusive, resilient & connected community.

Relevant Documents

Shire of Esperance Public Health Plan Summary

Shire of Esperance Public Health Plan 2021-2026 – Full Document