Media Release - Council Endorses Proposed Marine Park Shire Submission

Published on Tuesday, 28 May 2024 at 6:31:27 PM

Councillors and Shire staff were proud to see the tabling and subsequent endorsement of the Shire of Esperance Proposed South Coast Marine Park Submission at today’s Council Meeting after years of unfailing work to get the best possible outcome for the community on this State Government project.

As a framework to integrate community and organisational recommendations on the proposed park, the Council Plan, itself created according to community wishes, has been applied. This ensures that the Shire’s submission reflects the mixed views of the community and underscores the Shire’s commitment to a balanced and inclusive advocacy process honouring the voices of our community. The Shire’s role of advocacy is appropriate in relation to this State Government project, with Shire communications on the proposed park repeatedly going out to the community and feedback and comments submitted to staff and councillors in response.

To make the Shire submission as effective as possible and have the best chance of influencing the final design of the proposed park, staff and Councillors have carefully followed the same Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) instructions every other person or organisation making a submission will be.

The submission was created after Council briefings by the DBCA and Shire staff, followed by workshops examining the unique information on Shire managed land abutting the proposed park and diverse community stakeholder guidance and opinions contained in it. Discussions on the Shire’s submission were frank, robust and proactive, with all present benefitting from staff knowledge and expanded understanding from feedback, complaints and queries on the proposed park. There was an awareness around the table that Councillors must be satisfied with the outcome, as they will be the ones questioned by the community about it. After heavy workshopping, discussions and airing of views, the Council confidently stand by the final submission.

Now that the Council have endorsed the Shire of Esperance Proposed South Coast Marine Park Submission, it will be sent to the DBCA/State Government with the strong message that the final design of the proposed marine park must be informed by the triple bottom line: economic, social and environmental impacts and considerations.

With feedback open till the 16 June 2024, the Shire urges the community to make their own submission to the DBCA, and invite all to use this valuable Shire submission resource to inform your individual submissions.

Shire of Esperance - Proposed South Coast Marine Park Submission


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