Verge Side Bulk Waste Collection 2024

The Verge Side Bulk Waste Collection will commence in May. To reach all townsites across the Shire, this process is rolled out in two (2) zones.

  • ZONE 1 13th May - West of Esperance, Townsites of Condingup, Gibson, Scaddan, Grass Patch, Salmon Gums
  • ZONE 2 20th May - Esperance, East of Esperance

West of Esperance Map

Condingup Map

Gibson Map

Salmon Gums Map

Grass Patch Map

Scaddan Map

East of Esperance Map

Esperance Map


Once your items have been collected, please ensure you conduct a quick clean-up of any broken pieces left behind. This will help protect the local environment, as the pieces could be washed into local waterways or harm animals.

Bulk Bin Option

If you live on a property not serviced by the Verge Side Bulk Waste Collection, you may have the option of a Bulk Bin.

To be eligible, your property must be located within 25km of Esperance town and be 10ha or less in size.

Collection Information

  • Collection start time will be 7am
  • Verge collection will continue throughout the week until all areas have been serviced

What do you need to do?

  • Place items neatly on the verge up to one week before collection—no sooner—and no later than the evening before collection.
  • Sort your waste into sections on the verge.
  • White goods/steel, E-waste (computers, TV’s), mattresses, General household junk collection
  • Empty and clean fridges

To ensure maximum waste is recycled, multiple trucks will pass by to collect recyclable items.

  • Do not obstruct footpaths, line of sight, fences, signs, bus stops, poles, bins, or create a safety hazard.
  • Items longer than 1.5m can not be collected.

Preventing Litter

Please remove uncollected items from the verge by Monday 27th May 2024. Waste items left on the verge will be considered as littering.

Will Rural Residential Properties be part of the 2024 Verge Side Waste Collection?

If your residential property lies outside the mapped collection area you may be able to order a one off bulk bin collection.

Bulk Bin Requests will be available for residential blocks up to 10ha and within 25kms radius of Esperance Post Office.

All orders must be placed via the online booking form and will be confirmed by a Waste Officer prior to delivery.

Booking Request Form

Is your property being serviced by the Verge Side Bulk Waste Collection?*
Is your property 10ha or less?*
Are you located within 25km of Esperance?*
Where are you located?



What are my options as a rural landowner who is not eligible for a bulk bin collection?

If you get permission from a friend or relative in town, you could leave your waste on their verge.

Many items are free to deliver to the Wylie Bay Waste Facility, such as scrap steel, white goods, TVs, and computers.

Every ratepayer receives 4 waste vouchers per year. Many of the accepted items in the verge collection are free to deliver or a voucher entry can be utilised.

Wylie Bay Waste Facility

Waste and Recycling Information Flyer

Will you pick up washing machines and clothes dryers?

Yes, these are part of the whitegoods collection and are recycled as scrap steel. For safety, all doors should be removed prior to placing them on the verge.

Will you pick up fridges and old air conditioners? What happens to the gas in them?

Fridges and air conditioners will be degassed when they arrive at the Wylie Bay Waste Facility by licensed staff members. The refrigerant is recovered and recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. All fridge doors should be removed before placing them on the verge for safety.

Please note fridges and air conditioners are not accepted in the Bulk Bin collection.

Will you pick up green waste/garden waste, ie. trees?

Green waste and garden waste will not be accepted.

This item can be delivered to the Wylie Bay Waste Facility free of charge and will be mulched on-site.

What happens to items collected?

The Shire aims to keep as many items out of landfill as possible.

Steel, whitegoods, E-waste and other recyclable items will be collected separately and recycled where possible.

Other waste, that can’t be recycled, will be collected in a waste truck and disposed of at landfill.

What if things are too good for Verge Side pick-up?

Consider giving your unwanted items a new home by donating to charity e.g. Red Cross, Anglican OpShop and Esperance Care Services.

We also hold the Garage Sale Trail every year. This year it is over 2 weekends in November. 

Register HERE and find out how to host your own epic Garage Sale!

What if unacceptable items are put on the verge?

Items set out for collection that do not comply with collection guidelines will not be collected. It is the resident's responsibility to remove any remaining waste.

Remember that littering or illegal dumping penalties may apply if waste is left on verges after 27 May 2024 or if you fail to comply with collection guidelines.

Please review the list of accepted and non-acceptable items and how to set them out on the verge.

Can I book the Bulk Bin Collection even if I have a verge collection?

No, the Bulk bin option is only for residential blocks outside the verge collection area and within 25kms of Esperance Post Office.

Items we do not collect

  • Glass, including plate glass, mirrors, shower screens and glass in furniture
  • Tyres or motor vehicle parts
  • Construction/ demolition materials, including bricks, paving, tiles, toilet cisterns, concrete, wire, sand or cement
  • Asbestos or fence sheeting
  • Garden organics and food waste
  • Fire extinguishers, EPIRBs or flares
  • Hazardous waste, i.e. chemicals, oils, paint, pesticides, solvents, batteries, gas bottles or aerosol cans
  • Items over 1.5 metres in length and over 3 cubic metres of waste collectively.
  • Unsorted waste