Shire President Open Letter to the Esperance Community

Published on Wednesday, 1 May 2024 at 10:36:00 AM

People in the Esperance community have always shown their passion on issues that can or will affect them, their community, and the environment in which they live. I know this because I live and invest in this place and enjoy our recreational way of life.

We are protective of our town, where we live and work, and the pristine environment that makes our region a great place to live.

Our communities' resilience has been shown throughout the years through fires, floods, pandemics, and industries that threaten our way of life and the environment.

We stand tall as the community we are today, achieving and surpassing expectations, all because we have upheld the core values of respect and tolerance.

As we face new challenges and changes to how things have always been done, it is the right time to remind ourselves of those values.

Respect & Tolerance.

Every single member of our community is passionate about our community and environment, and we must maintain this passion while fostering our spirit of respect and tolerance for differing opinions. Let us be leaders in this.

"Play the Ball, not the Man", as they would say in many sports.

With seven weeks left of the marine park consultation, educate yourself, ask questions, seek out information, and use the tools and processes that we are given to make a helpful change.

Shire President, Ron Chambers

18 April 2024

The above letter was published in the 19 April 2024 edition of the Esperance Weekender.

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