PER-EPR Regulated Air Route

Published on Wednesday, 5 April 2023 at 12:00:00 AM

The Shire of Esperance understands the importance of the air service between Esperance and Perth, and we know the frustrations that disruptions can cause. The Shire of Esperance is limited in what we can do to directly address disruption issues, but we actively work with REX and the Department of Transport to ensure that this essential service is maintained and that any disruptions are handled in a timely manner.

The Department of Transport regulate the Perth – Esperance route and permits the license to operate. Air routes in WA which are considered to have insufficient passenger demand to support airline competition are regulated by the State Government by granting monopoly rights to a single airline to operate on a particular Regular Public Transport (RPT) route (The Esperance-Perth route is one of these)*. The Department of Transport take into consideration feedback by communities when permitting the licenses. The Shire of Esperance does not have authority in agreements or operations of the airline, but will always fight for what is best for the wider community. 

* Department of Transport - Air Services in WA

What the Shire does: 

The Shire of Esperance maintains the airport's infrastructure, such as the runways, taxiways, and apron, and provides all necessary services for the safe and efficient operation of the airport. The Shire also works with aircraft operators and other tenants to ensure all safety requirements are met.

We take our advocating seriously, and immediately act on community feedback if the airline is not meeting the community’s needs.

Feedback / Complaints: 

Complaints about the air service on social media will not be acknowledged. This is not where the airline or the Department of Transport will hear you. For your feedback to be taken seriously, complaints need to be lodged directly to the airline or the Department of Transport. 

Shire staff and councillors are taking your concerns to the appropriate people, but you also need to do this work.

Regional Express Feedback 

Department of Transport - General complaints, compliments and feedback

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