Hello After 50 Years!

Published on Thursday, 14 September 2023 at 2:45:00 PM

Back when a newspaper cost 7 cents, an invitation was extended to all Esperance and district residents to attend the interment of a time capsule at the proposed Esperance Meat Exporters site near Shark Lake.

It was 2 November 1973 when a granite cairn was placed over the buried capsule, with WA Premier of John Tonkin in attendance along with local dignitaries, community members and schoolchildren.

Chairman of Directors at Esperance Meat Exporters, John Hagon, said in 1973 “When the capsule is opened in 50 years, the contents will provide the most interesting portrayal of the district”. John also expressed his appreciation to the many organisations and citizens who had provided material for the capsule, saying it was of a very high standard.

It’s now been 50 years; the granite cairn has sunk into the ground considerably, but the capsule will be retrieved soon and once again an invitation will being sent out to all!

We would love to have as many of the ‘original’ people come along to be part of the unveiling and opening of the 1973 Esperance Meat Exporters time capsule as possible! Check out the photos – if you or anyone you know were at the 1973 event, please pass the word around and come along to the Esperance Museum at 5.30pm on 2 November 2023 for this historic event.

This time we will have Minister for Agriculture Jackie Jarvis with us on the lawns of the Museum, with live music and a free Rotary Club sausage sizzle while the contents of the time capsule are revealed – and we will all see what schoolkids, community members and organisations submitted for inclusion!

Time capsule1

Time capsule2

Time capsule3

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