Everything You Wanted To Know - Tiny Houses On Wheels

Published on Wednesday, 31 May 2023 at 12:00:00 AM

Queries about Tiny Houses on Wheels have surged since the Shire of Esperance made history as the first local government in Australia to approve a Planning Policy for this mobile residential option. Shire Planning officers responded to focused community interest by writing an Information Sheet for Tiny Houses on Wheels, now available and providing everything you need to plan towards the Tiny House on Wheels of your dreams.

Tiny Houses on Wheels offer a range of benefits, making them an attractive option for those seeking faster, cheaper housing, or a more mobile and flexible lifestyle. The post-covid supply situation in the Esperance region, and more widely, means that a great reason to plan for a Tiny House on Wheels is the possibility of getting into a home more quickly than traditional house building. As a bonus, the design can also incorporate more environmentally friendly elements than existing options on the housing market. 

The info sheet is a valuable planning resource, giving details of requirements for Planning and Building approvals, what electricity, plumbing and gas regulations exist, where a Tiny House on Wheels can be placed, Bushfire Assessment Level ratings, and a number of links to access further information. At the end of the info sheet is a useful list of what to submit with a Tiny House on Wheels application. 

Our friendly Planning Officers have put all the information needed in one handy pamphlet, and included their contact details for any further questions – don’t hesitate to call or email for clarification on any point.

General information about Planning (Development) Applications, as well as the info sheet and other details on Tiny Houses on Wheels, such as the Shire’s Policy and a link to the Australian Tiny House Association’s Buyer’s Guide (click on the + to the right of ‘Tiny House on Wheels), may be found on the Shire website here. Have a look through all the material provided by our knowledgeable Planning officers, and check out the flexible range of possibilities for your own circumstances!

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