Esperance Indoor Stadium Update: Extent of Damage Under Investigation

Published on Tuesday, 21 May 2024 at 11:03:27 AM

Quick action by Shire staff has minimised damage at the Esperance Indoor Stadium after a burst pipe caused flooding earlier in the month.

Unfortunately, damage to Courts 1 and 2 in the Stadium is extensive and the flooring will not be able to be saved. Moisture levels are still high despite days of forced ventilation. Shire staff have started to safely remove the flooring to prevent mould growth.

Although moisture levels in the flooring of Courts 3 and 4 is within the acceptable range and the flooring looks like it will be ok, mould testing will be carried out to monitor the situation, and some hope remains that they can be saved.

The damage has been inspected by representatives from the sports floor supplier and the Shire’s insurers, who provided recommendations on how to proceed. One bright spot is that the floor supplier may be able to replace the flooring sooner than originally thought, which would be greatly appreciated by all.

Shire staff, working with our insurer, will start the process of procuring the replacement flooring as soon as practical.

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