Community Scorecard Survey Extended

Published on Wednesday, 17 May 2023 at 12:00:00 AM

We’re extending the deadline for you to get the all-important Community Scorecard survey completed and submitted – now due on 26 May, with postal entries valid if posted on that date. This is great news for our busy community. 

We have heard some people thought it was one survey per household, and are happy to say it’s one survey per person. If one person in your household filled out the hard copy survey that came to your letterbox and you’d like to have your say as well, click through here to fill it out online, pop in to Shire reception at 77 Windich St for a paper copy, or email for queries. 

So far we’ve had just over 600 responses, which study managers CATALYSE tell us is good, but we’re going for broke! We want to hear from 10% of our population, because the more we hear from you, the better we can respond to your needs.

And about your needs, we’ve also heard variations on ‘why bother, the Shire won’t listen to us’ – which couldn’t be further from the truth! Local government can be a slow-moving beast, but Council and the Shire are listening, keen to get instructions from you for our future direction, and have acted on many of the communities’ wishes from the 2021 Community Scorecard.

Let’s have a look at what you told us were your priorities in 2021, and how the Council and Shire responded:

  • Economic Development and Job Creation was flagged, with comments like “Business development is being stifled by regulations and special interest groups”, “Undersupply of accommodation for workers” and “Small businesses are struggling, local shops have closed”. In response, the Shire participated in the Small Business Friendly Approvals Program, designed to focus on reforming and simplifying business approvals processes and fostering a support business environment. This process has commenced and will continue to be a priority. The Land and Accommodation Study, carried out in partnership with GEDC, confirmed that the most significant impediment to economic growth is accommodation for workers. The next stem is to prioritise locations, get funding and attract investors.
  • You told us Community Safety & Crime Prevention is important to you, with comments including “Issues related to drug activity and dependence”, “Vandalism, antisocial behaviour, violence and hooning” and “A feeling of vulnerability in the local community”. Since receiving this message the Shire has successfully installed stages 3 & 4 of the CCTV program, with equipment installed along the foreshore and Pink Lake Rd. The Shire maintains the equipment, and WA Police manage all visual and audio elements. The Shire meets regularly with Esperance Police, and are working with them to support the Liquor Accord, and to patrol illegal camping spots to educate visitors on the environmental hazards of illegal camping, including waste disposal, and asked them to move onto a caravan park or the Overflow Campground.
  • Tourism Attractions and Marketing was another of the top priorities from the 2021 Scorecard, with feedback including “There’s not enough for visitors to do”. Council have since funded a Tourism Development Manager in partnership with Australia's Golden Outback, with the powerhouse that is Simon Latchford filling the role. Simon has firmly placed Esperance on the national and international stage, with Esperance ranked 12th in the TSI 100 Most Popular Destinations - in the world - earlier this year, and prompting a visit by Tourism Australia's senior team. They learned first-hand why Esperance is so popular, and secured a separate booth for Esperance at the 2023 Australian Tourism Exchange, Australia's largest and most important tourism exhibition. This exhibition has just wound up, after bringing together around 2,300 delegates from around the world - valuable exposure for our local tourism industry.

All this is clear proof that we value your time and your opinions – and that filling out your Community Perception Scorecard survey will put your views, aspirations and priorities right in front of Council, to guide their decisions in the coming years.

Get your survey in now - we can’t wait to hear what you tell us this time round!



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