Commencement of Restricted Burning Time - Urban Rural Zone

Published on Tuesday, 2 April 2024 at 3:37:28 PM

Pursuant to Section 18 Bush Fires Act 1954 the Shire of Esperance advises Restricted Burning Time will commence Tuesday, 2 April 2024 for the following zone;

URBAN-RURALZONE - Includes fire zone: Urban-Rural (Esperance & surrounding rural residential areas)

Landowner/Occupiers MUST obtain a Permit to Burn from their nearest Fire Control Officer before Hazard Reduction or burning off activities can commence.

The Chief Bush Fire Control Officer, Mr Phil Longmire has exercised his powers to restrict the issuing of fire permits to the following criteria;

  • Permits only to be issued for Agricultural purposes and/or Hazard Reduction Activities requiring the assistance of fire brigade resources; and
  • A Permit to Burn will be issued for a 7-calendar day period; and,
  • Minimum of 1000It of water to be on-site during the burn; and,
  • Permit holders must log their burns with the DFES Communications Centre Ph: 1800 198 140 (Free call) prior to igniting; and,
  • Permit holders are reminded to abide by all conditions of the permit, including when the days forecast fire danger rating is ‘High’ or above, where all permits are deemed invalid.

Permit Holders are reminded not to light any fire if you are not prepared to be responsible for it.

The Shire of Esperance reserves the right, under Section 18(11) Bush Fires Act 1954, to recoup any cost of extinguishment from any fire that escapes permit conditions or from the lack of supervision/attendance.

Please note Fire Permits can be suspended or cancelled at any time, with or without notice, by any Fire Control Officer based upon local conditions or forecast weather conditions.

This notice dated 2 April 2024.
Shane Burge
Chief Executive Officer

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