Cemetery Tributes

Published on Wednesday, 5 June 2024 at 8:15:40 AM

At the heart of Esperance lies a place steeped in remembrance and history—our cherished cemeteries. These sacred grounds are not just final resting places; they are tapestries of memories, each telling a unique story. We understand our community's deep affection and respect for these sites, and we share that sentiment wholeheartedly.

However, with love comes responsibility. The Shire is entrusted with ensuring that these special spaces remain safe and serene for all who visit and for the dedicated staff who tend to their upkeep. To honour this commitment, we have established some guidelines displayed at our cemeteries' entrance, outlining what items should not be left at gravesites.

You may have noticed how artificial flowers, though vibrant initially, lose their lustre over time. They fade, break apart, and their remnants are carried away by the wind, not just within the cemetery, but into the surrounding bush as well. Similarly, non-biodegradable items—flags, toys, cans, clothing, extra vases, and various decorations—though left with love, will be respectfully removed at the month's end.

Why this approach, you might ask? It's simple:

  • Our Cemeteries Local Law mandates it, allowing only approved monuments on the concrete plinth. This helps maintain the dignity and uniformity of our cemeteries.
  • Left unchecked, these items can accumulate, transforming into litter that detracts from the cemetery's beauty.
  • These objects can damage the headstones, either through decay or by becoming unintended missiles in the hands of vandals or under the blades of lawnmowers.
  • Glass items, in particular, pose a hazard as they can shatter and scatter, creating a risk for all.

We encourage you to consider sustainable alternatives for your tributes—paper, real flowers, or biodegradable ones. These gestures of remembrance are just as meaningful and ensure the preservation of the cemetery's tranquility. Please be aware that we will carry out a respectful cleaning at each month's end.

Our staff is here to listen and welcome your feedback and suggestions, but they will end the conversation if it becomes abusive.

Further information and resources can be found here - https://www.esperance.wa.gov.au/residents/facilities/cemeteries.aspx

Together, let's continue to honour our loved ones and the legacy of Esperance with grace and care.

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