Winter Wonderland goes Plastic Free!

Published on Wednesday, 12 July 2023 at 8:34:00 AM

What won’t be at the FREE Winter Wonderland event in three days?? Well, hopefully plastic bags, cups and other single use products - as part of the Shire’s commitment to a sustainable future, the Winter Wonderland event will be a Waste & Plastic Free event!

We are asking everyone to bring their own plates, cutlery, bottles, keep cups, containers and bags to enjoy the range of food on offer, and to transport home fantastic items from the market. 

Our food vendors and other market stall holders are also keen to reduce waste in our community, and ready to load up your plate, container, mug or bag with their wares. This is the beginning of what will be an ongoing campaign to get everyone into the habit of carrying their own food and shopping bag ‘kits’ with them.

Recycling bins with yellow lids and general waste bins with red lids will be dotted around the Winter Wonderland, and we ask that everyone be careful to use these properly – uncontaminated recycling is very important. From what is clean enough to actually recycle, to the safety of staff sorting the recycling, efficiency, and increased market demand for cleaner recycling; if we’re serious about recycling, we have to be serious about keeping it uncontaminated, for these reasons, and so the end product of bales of recycled materials meet industry standards for use.

Willy Waste Not has told us he’ll be keeping an eye out for people recycling correctly and doing the right thing with reusable bags and utensils, and spot prizes will be awarded. You’ll have to be patient and find out for yourselves what these prizes are, but we can tell you they’re great tools to help you reduce waste, and they’ll also be offered as prizes for the treasure hunt. Make sure you drop by the Shire Information Tent for details of the treasure hunt, another great activity for the kids, to be run at 9.30am, 11.30am,12.30pm and 3pm.

We’re embracing the cold with our wonderous Winter Wonderland, but don’t forget that warm areas inside the Civic Centre foyer will also be provided, as well as change rooms to get littlies into dry clothes, and areas to relax and warm up with hot food – the Shire Community Development staff really have thought of everything!


Here’s a run-down of the busy schedule for the day:

Winter Wonderland, Saturday the 15th of July 2023, 9am - 7pm at the Esperance Civic Centre.

Stalls: 9am until 4pm

Food: 9am until 7pm

Treasure Hunt: 9.30am, 11.30am,12.30pm and 3pm

Winter themed movies (reception room): 10.30am until 8pm:

Happy Feet – 10.30am

Small Foot – 1pm

Cool Runnings – 3.30pm

The Huntsman – 6pm

Live Entertainment: 11am until 4pm.

Official Opening and Welcome to Country – 12 noon.

Snow Slide: 10am until 4pm

Snow Pit: 9am until 7pm


See you this Saturday 15 July - you bring the picnic gear and bags & we’ll bring the snow and entertainment!


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