Swim Enclosure News

Published on Wednesday, 19 June 2024 at 1:25:05 PM

Adjustments to the lap pool infrastructure in the James Street Swim Enclosure are underway, with more planned.

Repairs to the pontoons have been carried out and the section most affected by waves was removed, as it was starting to fail. Options being investigated for ongoing use of this fantastic facility are:

  • to permanently remove this section
  • to reinstall the section so that it is not fastened to the other pontoon sections and
  • to examine alternative designs that are better suited to the ocean swell.

New temporary lane ropes for the lap pool are expected to be installed next week after it was determined that the current lane ropes, designed for indoor swimming pools, are not suitable for the outdoor location. Permanent ropes that will suit our marine environment are being sourced.

Ideally this work would not be necessary, and the Shire acknowledges the need for a long term solution so further repairs are not required. We will keep you informed on progress to get this much loved and used recreational asset in its final state before next summer!

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