Council Election Results 2023

Published on Tuesday, 24 October 2023 at 11:09:00 AM

Congratulations to our inaugural community elected Shire President Ron Chambers, and our elected Councillors, Jennifer Obourne, Gemma Johnston, Connor Davies, Wes Graham, and Samantha Starcevich.

Congratulations also to candidate Manue Daniels on a good campaign and for stepping up to represent the Esperance community.

Results from the election can be seen below or viewed at the Western Australian Electoral Commission.

PRESIDENT Expiry of term: 16 October 2027

  • CHAMBERS, Ron      - 2,762
  • JOHNSTON, Gemma - 856   


  • GRAHAM, Wes - 4 years - Elected Unopposed           
  • STARCEVICH, Samantha - 2 years - Elected Unopposed

TOWN WARD Expiry of term 16 October 2027

  • DAVIES, Connor         - 345
  • DANIELS, Manue       - 238
  • CHAMBERS, Ron      - 0
  • JOHNSTON, Gemma - 717
  • OBOURNE, Jennifer  - 1,005

A Special Council Meeting will take place on Wednesday 25 October 2023 at 4pm in the Council Chambers, to swear in our new Council. At this time the new Council will elect a Deputy Shire President.

This special meeting will be live streamed on the Shire Youtube channel, however all are welcome to attend.

And to our community - Thank you for voting. These are your representatives. It is their responsibility to advocate for you, fight for you and make long term, hard decisions for the advancement of our whole community. Support them, and keep speaking with them.


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