Civic Centre – Artistry All Over

Published on Tuesday, 20 June 2023 at 9:24:00 AM

Did you know we have our very own kinetic artwork at the Civic Centre? The lines of the light installation under the entrance veranda mimic the lines of surf washing up on our beautiful beaches. They turn on and off automatically at sunset and sunrise, and the programmed light patterns change with wind speeds. This art installation is designed to be a night-time welcome statement for visitors to the Civic Centre, with the theme running into the foyer area.

The painted mural on the Civic Centre building has similar connections to the Esperance region as a place and community, with artists Chris Nixon and Andrew Frazer celebrating what is quintessentially Esperance. They worked with the concept of the spirit of our community and the purity of our environment, holding a community workshop and embracing nature with their design. In Andrew's words "The clear water, the granite, the rock, the patterns, the movement, the open sky, I felt like it came quite naturally to embrace nature in the way we embraced the design".

As the Civic Centre Facade Artwork Project approaches it's third year, the patterns of foliage, waves, sand, sky and rock are as clear and bright as ever, fulfilling the artist's hopes that the mural would help bring the community together.


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