Changes to Burning Restrictions - May 2023

Published on Monday, 1 May 2023 at 12:10:00 AM

PUBLIC NOTICE – Commencement of Unrestricted Burning Time – Urban-Rural Zone - Pursuant to Section 18 Bush Fires Act 1954 the Shire of Esperance advises due to favourable seasonal conditions the Urban-Rural Zone will commence its Unrestricted Burning Time (Open Burning) as of Monday, 1 May 2023. 

URBAN-RURAL ZONE - The Urban-Rural Zone includes fire zone: localities of Esperance, Bandy Creek,  Castletown, Chadwick, Monjingup, Myrup, Nulsen, Pink Lake, Sinclair, West Beach, and Windabout.

Landowner/Occupiers within the Urban-Rural Zone are no longer required to obtain a permit to burn from their nearest Fire Control Officer. However, landowner/occupiers are still required to exercise caution and to abide by the following minimum conditions; 

  • Must have a 3m wide firebreak around the area to be burnt; and,
  • Either a hose connected to running water that can reach the burn area or a working firefighting unit, consisting a minimum of 600It water; and,
  • Observe weather conditions so smoke does not impactthe visibility of the any road network or be of nuisance to neighbours; and,
  • Notify/contact your adjacent neighboursprior to ignition; and,
  • All burns are to be logged via the DFES Communication Centre on 1800 198 140 (Free call) prior to ignition.

Landowner/occupiers are reminded not light any fire, if you are not prepared to be responsible for it. As landowner/occupiers are responsible for any fire within their property until they are fully extinguished, this includes the smoke that may impactthe visibility of road networks. 

Fire Control Officers have the authority under Bush Fires Act 1954 to request Landowner/occupiers to extinguish any fire they deemed to be unsafe or at the risk of escaping and to halt the lighting of fire during the unrestricted burning period. 

Shane Burge

Chief Executive Officer

1 May 2023

unrestricted burning time

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