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Community Perception Scorecard


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Community Perception Scorecard

The Community Scorecard enables Council to keep in touch with the current wishes of local residents, determine priorities and make the best decisions possible on behalf of the community in line with our Council Plan. The Scorecard provides broad information regarding community opinions on services and facilities throughout the Shire. Councillors and Shire officers frequently refer to the results to support decision making and strategic planning. Community views and comments are highly valued and guide future planning activities.

The 2023 Community Scorecard can be viewed below. To download, click on the "download" arrow in the top left hand corner.


Previous Scorecards

Copies of previous Scorecards are available for your information.

2021 MARKTY Community Scorecard

2019 Community Perception Scorecard

2015 Community Perception Scorecard

2013 Community Perception Scorecard

2011 Community Perception Scorecard


CATALYSE® Pty Ltd, an independent research company, undertake these studies on behalf of the Shire. All results are dealt with in the strictest confidence. When reporting results CATALYSE® only presents aggregated data and anonymous comments.