Bushfire Information

Firebreak Information

Rangers pay particular attention to the maintenance of fire-breaks and will be inspecting properties throughout the Shire district. Infringement notices will be issued where landowners do not comply with regulations.

Owners and occupiers are required to clear and maintain their property during the specified fire danger period, from 9 October to 31 March.

Please read our Fire Hazard Reduction Notice and the Definitions and Guidance Notice for detailed requirements and important dates.

Variations to Firebreaks

If you believe it is impractical or impossible to comply with the requirements of the Fire Hazard Reduction Notice you can apply for a Variation before 24th September.

Protecting your Home

You SHOULD NOT rely on scheme water during a bushfire

Residents living in or near bushland are reminded not to rely on public water supplies if they plan to stay and defend their homes during a bushfire.


If you plan to stay and defend your home you must have an INDEPENDENT water supply and pumping capability. Scheme water may not be available due to damaged infrastructure, extreme demand depleting supply and pressure, or a cut to power which is used to pump water.

We have made our own preparations for the 2020/2021 bushfire season by readying equipment and systems to cope with extreme conditions. Despite these efforts, it is likely there will be a reduction in water pressure, and scheme water supply tanks may run empty in the event of fire.

For more information about preparing a bushfire survival plan and what you will need to actively defend your home, visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website.

A message from the Department of Water: The Department of Water has advised people in bushfire prone areas with bores and access to surface water that they can take and store water to support bushfire plans.

For more information on how the Department of Water’s rules support bushfire preparedness, visit www.water.wa.gov.au/fireplanning

Emergency Numbers

  • Fire or life threatening emergencies 000
  • SES Emergency Assistance 132 500
  • Emergency Information 13 DFES (13 13 37)

Bushfire Warning Systems

If you live in a bushfire risk area, you need to understand the Bushfire Warning System and what each alert level means before a fire threatens your home. The alerts give information on how severe a bushfire is once it’s started. Alerts have four warning levels indicating the increasing risk to your life or property, and the decreasing amount of time you have until the fire arrives.


A fire has started but there is no immediate threat to lives or homes. Be aware and keep up to date.



There is a possible threat to lives or homes. You need to leave or get ready to defend - do not wait and see.



You are in danger and need to take immediate action to survive. There is a threat to lives or homes.


all clear

Take care to avoid any dangers and keep up to date.

When a bushfire threatens, you can monitor official warnings at

Remember: Your surroundings could be your best information source. Stay alert to what is happening around you. If you believe you may be in danger, act immediately to stay safe.

For further bushfire information please visit dfes.wa.gov.au

Please follow the links for information on:

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