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Adventureland Park


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Adventureland Park

The Ralph Bower Adventureland Park Implementation Plan 2018 was developed by the Adventureland Park Management Committee and Shire of Esperance staff to guide the development of the proposed park improvements identified in the Ralph Bower Adventureland Park Management Plan 2016-2021 (Management Plan).

The Management Plan identified 18 key areas for improvement within the park with a focus on upgrading play spaces, park amenities, and landscaping with an emphasis on bringing the adventure aspect back to the park. Upgrades include a flying fox/cable way, a giant swing, upgrades to the small kid’s playground and a new new large adventure play space aimed for older children with a large custom built ship and climbing elements.

The Implementation Plan also identifies potential upgrades for a range of other park amenities such as footpaths, seating, drinking fountains and picnic shelters that can be implemented as funds become available. 

Stage One - Work commenced in February 2019 and included the construction of an additional 150 metres of pedestrian footpaths, upgrading of the basketball court to a competition full size court and the construction of a children’s bike track on the old Skate Park site. The bike track is lined with humps, bumps and berms for young children to develop their riding skills, the track also has typical street signage and marking to help parents teach basic road rules in a fun and relaxed environment.


Stage Two - Works are currently underway and include the installation of the small children’s playground, the installation of the ship playground and the completion of the large adventure playspace. The Shire is also taking this oppurtunity to upgrade the irrgiation around the area and will be working with the Adventureland Management Committee on a Native Garden in the near future.