Noel White Pavilion Refurbishment

Esperance Greater Sports Ground Redevelopment - Stage 2

This Project Stage is for the Refurbishment of the Noel White Pavilion Building which will provide improved facilities, including office space, storage rooms and new kitchen amenities.

Stage 2 will deliver:

  • Re-clad the Noel White Pavilion Roof including insulation;
  • Provide sports administration space;
  • Community meeting rooms;
  • Additional office space for the Agriculture Society;
  • Club / function room;
  • Refurbish kitchen; and
  • Additional storage space for users.

The detailed design was awarded to and completed by local consultants, Wells Building Designers & Consultants. These were finalised in 2019.

The construction tender was awarded to Sime Building Company for the Refurbishment of the Building. Progress updates for the project are below.

Project Updates

Start of Project Works - 20 April 2020

This fortnight saw the begining of the refurbishment works with the below happening:

  • Site fencing erected to perimeter of building / demolition site.
  • Safe access provided for emergency camping to access the existing toilet & shower amenities.
  • Removal and disposal of camper kitchen equipment.
  • Scaffold to camper kitchen & southern entry / portico.
  • Hoarding to existing switchboards in portico entry area.
  • Demolition of camper kitchen and portico areas.
  • Commence scaffolding in preparation for asbestos roof removal.



Internal Works - 4 May 2020

Work progress moved a long slowly this fortnight with the following:

  • Temporary engineered structural propping installed to trusses.
  • West end footing poured.
  • Some window security screens have been removed.
  • Fixtures removed from building.



Roof Work - 18 May 2020

This week has seen work moving along well for the project with the below progress:

  • Scaffolding was completed for asbestos roof removal.
  • Removal of the 1000 m2 asbestos roof sheeting was completed on Friday the 15th of May.
  • Trucks were loaded with the asbestos waste (palleted, sealed and clearly labelled as required) on Friday afternoon and delivered as prearranged to the Esperance Waste Facility at 8am Saturday morning prior to the facility being opened to the public. All asbestos removal & disposal was in accordance with - Safe Removal of Asbestos 2nd edition NOHS 2002 (2005).



Removals - 8 June 2020

This fortnight has seen a lot of removal prep work getting done ready for sandblasting and painting. Other work completed was:

  • Electrical wiring safety check for reopening the existing stadium for use.
  • Removal of floor coverings and final cleaning of the building prior to an asbestos clearance certificate being issued.
  • Installation of the new structural columns to existing trusses.
  • Preparations for new concrete flooring.
  • Removal of redundant window, screens & doors - ongoing.
  • Penetrations to floor and walls for new services as required.
  • Bricking up redundant doorways and windows in preparation of rendering.
  • Removal of roof truss timber purlins.
  • Removal of facia and bargeboards in preparation for sandblasting and painting.
  • Electrical fixtures removed.


Sandblasting and Painting - 22 June 2020

This fortnight's progress has been moving well with the below project progress:

  • Bricking up redundant doorways and windows in preparation of rendering.
  • Removal of brickwork & ceilings for truss sandblasting & painting.
  • Sandblasting & painting of trusses ongoing.
  • New doorways / lintels being installed into brickwork.



Painting of Trusses - 20 July 2020

Progress of works were effected during this period due to inclement weather conditions whilst sandblasting and painting of the roof trusses was being completed.

Final touch up of painting for truss remediation is being carried out for the completion of the truss remedial / structural works. Purlins are installed ready for construction to continue.

Fortnightly Progress:

  • Bricking up redundant doorways and windows in preparation of rendering completed.
  • Removal of brickwork & ceilings for truss sandblasting & painting completed.
  • New doorways / lintels installed into brickwork completed.
  • Sandblasting & painting of trusses completed.
  • Bollards installed to protect fire hydrants.
  • Installation of the roof purlins.


Concrete Work - 17 August 2020

Progress of works were affected during this period due to inclement weather conditions delaying roof sheeting and concreting.  A total of 7 days were affected by rain during this period, with 54.4 mm being the highest one day fall recorded with another 3 days in between 10mm – 20 mm.

The main focus was preparation for roof sheeting and concreting so a weathertight building is achieved which ensures most trades can still keep progressing during the end of winter weather.

Progress for the fortnight:

  • Installation of new fascia boards except western end.
  • Cleaning and preparation of concrete floors to be poured throughout.
  • Installation of mesh and formwork for concrete floors.
  • Pouring of concrete floors – completed.
  • Preparation for roof sheeting installation.
  • Commencement of western end masonry wall.



Roof Sheeting - 31 August 2020

With some days of fine weather good progress to the project was achieved. Roof sheeting being installed and the western end masonry wall well underway which will allow multiple trades in future weeks to work on the project regardless of weather conditions.

Progress for the fortnight was:

  • Installation of roof safety mesh.
  • Installation of roof sheeting.
  • Installation of guttering.
  • Western end masonry wall continuing.
  • Aluminium door frames installed.



Internal Trades Commencing - 14 September 2020

Flashing, facia and barge boards to roof in final stage with internal trades commencing installation on electrical and steel wall framing. External rendering to be completed eastern end of building to tie in final part of covered walkway from the EISS building. Offsite -ordering of campers kitchen equipment underway.

Fortnightly progress was:

  • Completion of Masonry wall on western end.
  • Roof flashing, facia, barge boards & guttering.
  • Electrical prewire commencing.
  • Mark out of wall framing position.