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Would you like to receive your rates notice more conveniently straight to your inbox? Then register for eRates – it’s easy!

We encourage our ratepayers to receive their rates notices via email – it’s much more efficient and convenient, plus we don’t use paper which is better for the environment.

Please use the link below to register for eRates and you’ll receive your rate notices and instalment reminder notices via email. 

To register, you must have your Rates Assessment number. This can be found on your rate notice. 

eRates Registration

Once you have registered we will send you an email - it's important that you click the link within this email to activate your registration.

Note: this is NOT a notification of a change of address. If you need to change your address details, please click here.

Things to be aware of before applying:

  • There can only be ONE email address for each notice.
  • If there is more than one owner of the property and other owner/s apply to receive an electronic notice, the eRates system will by default send the notice to the last registered email address.
  • The registration process will automatically close fourteen (14) days prior to the issue date of any rate notice and re-open automatically after the issue date.
  • If the registration has not been received in time for when the next notice is issued, you will automatically receive your rates notice by post.

If you are not the Owner or Agent for the Property, you are not eligible to register.

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please call our friendly Rates Team on (08) 9071 0657 or email