Esperance Volunteer Resource Centre

Esperance Volunteer Resource Centre provides information and support to volunteers and agencies working with volunteers.

The Esperance Volunteer Resource Centre is our local one stop shop for anything related to volunteering.  With a vision of a community that values and supports volunteering, through funding from both Federal and State Governments, the centre is a centralised support and information service which aims to increase and enhance volunteer participation throughout the region.

Visit us at the Esperance Public Library

Contact Us
Phone: (08) 9083 1540

Opening Hours

Volunteer Centre staff work on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday please call them for an appointment.

The Volunteer Centre keeps a register of volunteer positions which makes it easy to find out what volunteer positions are available in the local area, and with which organisations. Appointments can be made to discuss your skills, interests and aspirations so that you can be matched with the position or positions which will fulfil your needs. You make the choice about what you want to do.

Esperance Volunteer Resource Centre offers training and education to enhance skills and opportunities for volunteers and agencies working with volunteers.

In the local area of Esperance, volunteers are all kinds of people, doing all kinds of work.

Volunteers work in areas such as social support, education, environment / conservation, recreation, service, sport and work with people and agencies providing assistance to children, youth, seniors and people with special needs.

What skills or hobbies do you have, that you could use in volunteering?

The benefits of volunteering...

Did you know that volunteering is WA’s largest industry by employment? In 2014, four out of five West Australians volunteered donating 315 million hours, worth a staggering $39 billion to the economy.

People volunteer with the main aims being to help the community and to do something worthwhile. These are only two reasons, what are yours?

Volunteering has many benefits. It gives people self confidence and satisfaction, social contact, the ability to use skills or develop new ones and a possible start to paid employment. It can even help you sleep better, and certainly makes people happier

It’s your choice…

The Esperance Volunteer Resource Centre can:

  • Supply information on different volunteer positions and options;
  • Give details on the duties involved in the positions;
  • Arrange interviews and introductions to agencies; and
  • Provide education and training.

Don’t know whether to volunteer? Come to a free session on volunteering and see if it’s for you!

Things to think about...

Why do I want to volunteer? What do I want to get out of volunteer work? Volunteering is all about wanting to do something!

What type of voluntary work would I like to do? Can someone benefit from my experience? Or do I want like to learn something new?

What time do I have available? Am I available during the week or only weekends, or what about evenings?

What interests / hobbies do I have that I would like to do more of? Is there a cause I would like to help?

Is there a career / industry that I can gain knowledge about by volunteering?

Be somebody; be a volunteer!

Make time to Volunteer.

If you'd like to find out more about volunteering in your local community, please contact us.