Events on Public Property

Holding a community event on public property

Successful community events involve a lot of logistics including the provision of adequate toilet facilities, waste bins, traffic management plans, food licences and first aid equipment. To ensure your protection, as well as the safety of the public, you need to apply for permission to hold an event by completing an Event Application Form and lodging it with the Shire a minimum of four weeks ahead of the event.

Event Application Form and Checklist

 Booking Council Reserves

Many Council managed reserves can be booked for functions, events, weddings, busking and fundraising activities. Areas include the Post Office Square, Parks, Gardens, Foreshore, Adventureland Park, Beaches and the Soundshell (amphitheatre).

The booking process is generally quite simple and just requires the completion of the appropriate form and the subsequent issue of a permit. To confirm the availability of a Reserve for a specific date or time please contact the Statutory Division on (08) 9071 0682.

Local Government Property Booking Form

Weddings and Private Ceremonies Information