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Changes At Overflow Campground


The Overflow Campground has existed for many years, however use of this service exploded after Covid, when Esperance was ‘discovered’ by many in WA, and nation wide.

How the Campground operates is being reviewed to manage safety requirements arising from the overwhelming use of the service, and as ongoing construction at the Greater Sports Ground reduces the area available.

The Campground is operated by the Shire of Esperance to assist our local tourism industry reach its fullest potential, and as an overflow service when commercial caravan parks are full.

The Overflow Campground is not designed or intended to be a destination in itself.

Camp Hosts will again monitor users of the Campground, and the Shire has a zero-tolerance policy for anti-social behavior. The maximum stay will remain at 7 days this summer, and expected changes to operations are a limited number of campsites, as less space is available, and limited access to kitchen facilities (set opening hours).

If you know anyone planning to travel to Esperance over the summer, please let them know it is strongly advised they arrange their accommodation before leaving, as there may not be sites available at the Esperance Overflow Campground.

We are blessed in this region with a fascinating array of attractions, and camping facilities are also available at Grass Patch, and Salmon Gums, places well worth exploring. Contact details for these facilities are available on our website here.

After consultation with local commercial caravan parks, opening dates for the Esperance Overflow Campground this summer are from mid December till mid January, giving travelers time to get home and ready for school.